NEED HELP! OpenGL code for my exam doesn't work

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Hello, I'm Dusan from Serbia. I have to hand this OpenGL code soon - and that's my exam on university, but this part doesn't work. I'm using .Net studio on Windows and Tao OpenGL wrapper:

void update_viewpoint(void)
double modelview[16];
double projection[16];
int viewport[4];
double m[3];

Gl::glGetDoublev(Gl::GL_MODELVIEW_MATRIX, modelview);
Gl::glGetDoublev(Gl::GL_PROJECTION_MATRIX, projection);
Gl::glGetIntegerv(Gl::GL_VIEWPORT, viewport);

Glu::gluUnProject(viewport[2] / 2, viewport[3] / 2, 0,
modelview, projection, viewport, m, m+1, m+2);


I'm getting this error:
e:\twisphere\Form1.h(232): error C2664: 'Tao::OpenGl::Glu::gluUnProject' : cannot convert parameter 4 from 'double [16]' to 'double __gc[]'

Appreciate any help.
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Since you're using .NET, I'm assuming you're using C#. I know that arrays and pointers are treated differently, which is likely the cause of your problem. Unfortunately, I can't get any more specific than that since I have never used C#. In fact, I doubt you'll get a lot of help here regardless: notice the subtitle at the top: "The Macintosh Game Developer's Community." Some people here may have worked with C# before, whether it be at work or by developing Windows stuff along with their Mac stuff, but this community is mainly Mac based.
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I'm with akb825. Are there other students who have working code who you could ask? Or other, more relevant forums? A quick Googling should do the trick.

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