High-school/college advice needed!

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ferum Wrote:Shock Blink Sheesh that's quite a list of skills. I thought I was pretty cool being a junior (11th grader) making a simple 2D game with C, SDL, and OpenGL (and recently OpenAL). Blush

I really love game programming, but I also love math. I also know how hard it is to get into the game industry and how awful the working conditions are. Having taught myself all
Heh, well, don't give up...the reason that I know a lot of different languages is because I didn't have anyone to teach me programming...not knowing where to start, or what languages did what, I just started learning as many as quickly as I could; it doesn't mean I know more than you, your learning may just be more specific Wink

Everyone else:
Thanks for the good advice, I'll definitely keep it in mind when I choose a college to go to Smile I just heard from DevRy University, which apparently has game programming classes, and they're going to send me an info packet to check out (anyone been to DevRy?)
Thanks again ^_^

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