Game interface front-end design

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i wanted to know if adobe flash can b used to develop frontend gui like menus, hud etc. for 3d games made in directx & vc++.
if yes, how is this possible?
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I'm not sure if you can export of GUI from Adobe Flash... however it probably is not a bad tool for prototyping a GUI.

You might want to try asking this in a Flash forum, or maybe a DirectX forum or a Visual C++ forum. Most of the people here will probably not be able to help you very much with DirectX and VC++.
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TylerHutchison Wrote:Most of the people here will probably not be able to help you very much with DirectX and VC++.
Well, some of us could, but nah... 'cuz then we'd have to do twenty lashes in repentance. *Macintosh* rjoshicool, Macintosh... Macs don't do DX or VC++.

They do Flash and 3D games though, and the question is a semi-interesting one in that light. Can it be done? Does WebKit have support for it out of the box?
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I have tried having a flash interface before, not for a game, just as a test. I could not actually get transparent backgrounds to work. Flash does not seem to have the ability to have a transparent background without real time clipping (although this was maybe six months ago, so maybe they have added that option). It does seem like an interesting test to do though.
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There is a third-party Flash library, crossplatform and all, that should be possible to integrate into your application. Can't find it now, but I know it's on SourceForge.
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