OpenPlay on Tiger/XCode 2

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This may be useful (I haven't personally used it though):

It's the networking library used in Cube.
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MacFiend Wrote:And to everyone who's looking at me like I'm some sort of ungrateful, lazy bum: just remember, I did in 30 minutes what would've taken me several days (at least) to do otherwise. Productive!=Lazy.

Don't worry, that's only unknown. To him, if you're not using the lowest possible level, you're lazy. Rolleyes Rolleyes Wink Wink Grin Grin
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It could be worse: he could be advocating using assembly and interfacing directly with the hardware to send and receive signals. Or even skipping assembly, and writing out the instructions by hand. Wink Rasp

That said, sockets really aren't that complex.
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