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I am considering getting modo.

Up to this point I have spent most of my time coding and less of my time modelling, but
1) I need better models
2) Sometimes I find Modeling is fun, sometimes not

I have been using Wings3d (and Milkshape on Windows).

Does anyone have any experiences with modo? I have installed the trial version. It seems impressive, but to really evaluate it I need to invest quite a bit of time. And to buy I need to invest quite a bit of money. Like $800+ :-(

As a poor indie developer, is it worth spending the extra $$ or should I stick with Wings3d?

Thanks for any advice
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I tried the Modo demo a few months back but just couldn't get into it - I know people who swear by it but for poor indie devs nothing beats Wings+Blender IMHO. Wings for the initial low-poly cage modelling and Blender for touch ups/triangulation and/or tweaking the high-res subsurface. Both have decent UV tools too. There are still certain things I prefer doing in Cinema4D but that's mostly just due to old habits.
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Also, I hear (I don't have experience with it) Cheetah3D is a very good solution, at a cheap price (I believe $79?).
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I tried out the ac3d trial and it was rather good (it was $79 and I think Cheetah3D is $99).

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Yeah don't blow $800 on modeling app unless you model day and night, or expect to see the mony back sometime before the next upgrade. Take from a who has spent money on 3D apps like so many cheap loose women.

If you join the DAZ platinum club for like $30 (a month, can be just one month) You can get Carrara 3D for Basics 2 for $9.00

I got Hexagon 2 for $1 this summer, a week after buying AC3D.

Also Note that there are MANY MANY places to buy models these days.
DAZ, TurboSquid, MeshBox, Content Paradise, etc, etc.
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Good basic modeller and 3d sculpt painter for around $100 is Silo 3d.

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The modelers I've been using are Cheetah3D, Carrara and Silo. So, here are my impressions thus far...

I think Silo has been improving lately. I like their latest beta 2 release. Though, it has a cross platform interface which can be confusing. I think its a good buy but I'd definitely wait for version 2. I had some import export problems with Silo 1. Another thing, Silo is not a renderer ... its a modeler. ( other modelers can produce nice anti aliased images or there is pov ray for the mac )

Cheetah3D is a good deal too. I think its $129 -- I wonder if this is because the dollar is getting weaker and the pound stronger? But it can export to many different formats. Also, you can write slow javascript script code for your modeling which is interesting. Cheetah has a nice native mac interface too. I like the uv texture unwrap feature. Another thing with Cheeta is sometimes you have to do things in a particular way that is not intuitive through the interface.

My initial purchase was Carrara 4. Though, after Eovia was purchased by Daz, I get the feeling patches and updates stopped. The daz3d site appears like a porn portal. There are some good plugins like Baker and Replicater ( power pack ) that are nice. I was initially going to go with strata3d but I thought Carrara was a more rounded program. Still, Carrara has a cross platform interface that can get in the way. But Carrara 5 seems to be a nice improvement over Carrara 4. The Carrara 5 interface still has some issues. For instance, if your going to bake your textures and click ok .... you have to move your mouse to get the program to start baking! Also, you can rotate your model but the normal map bake will not be rotated either -- nice normal/color issues! Still compared to the other low end modelers there was more texture support in this product. Still its $250 for the standard version or $550 for the pro version. Significantly cheaper than modo.

I tried Modo trial version. The price tag was a bit of a shock to justify at this stage. But it appears to be a strong contender in the mid range. I was looking for low end price range modeling products at the time. The trial program crashed too.

Problem is once you get use to one of these modelers its quite difficult to adjust to something else. So, be careful which one you initially go with. Though, I'm getting warmer with Cheetah3D/Silo2 at the moment -- they seem proactive about bug fixing too.
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Here are some of my current opinions (of which there seem to be no lackWink on some of the current 3D apps on the Mac:

Maya? The best (by far), the most expensive (by far), and now owned by Autodesk (which doesn't have a good track record of supporting the Mac, by far).

Cheetah3D? Very nice! It isn't Maya, but it's the best all-around option to replace it with on a budget IMHO. I think the current $130 price is solidly fair but bordering on being steep until it gets more features and polish. It easily delivers the best native OS X experience for a 3D app I've seen, and that's likely because it's all Cocoa-based as I understand. Unfortunately, the documentation is hit and miss because the developer is non-native to English (German I believe). There are indeed many features which are either hard to find or a bit clunky to use, but there are more there than are missing. It's a home-grown Mac-only app with what seems to be pretty steady development, and a friendly developer. I've had lots of experience with Maya in the last few years, but I'm all Cheetah3D right now because it's affordable and fun, and does most of what I need.

Carrara? I don't know if Carrara is still using that brain-dead Kai interface, but I dropped that product like a sack of crap after it ceased to be Infini-D 4.5 (which was awesome for what it was at the time BTW). I was really ticked that I had just paid like $400 for it, and then mere months later the product was re-interfaced with Kai, re-priced, re-branded as Carrara, and then soon sold to another company. Then they insulted me by sending regular spam asking me to pay serious money to upgrade. I feel that I got screwed. That was years ago, and I still haven't forgotten how I was treated. I won't do business with that product again. So obviously I'm pretty heavily biased there, sorry.

Lightwave? Very poor non-standard (again Windows-esque) interface IMHO. I understand they're trying to change it to a more standard menu system, but the workflow is impossible to adjust to for me as it is. Fair price for the product. Great Mac support. Great website. Great attitudes. Excellent history. Man, if they could just change that rotten interface they'd probably rule the entire industry!

Silo? I don't like it. (refraining from exhaustive elaboration as to why)

Blender? I really don't like it. (refraining from exhaustive elaboration as to why)

Wings3D? I don't like it personally, but it's the best free modeler that I've seen on the Mac so far.
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