Rendering 2D Shadows for Convex Shapes

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Skorche Wrote:Are you alpha blending the light values? Just add them.
That certainly helps my shadows. The lights are still wonky though.

OneSadCookie Wrote:
render scene to depth, and ambient light to color buffer
for each light
    clear the stencil buffer
    render the shadow volumes to the stencil buffer
    render the scene to the color buffer, lit by the light, with
        * depth test set to equal; and
        * depth writes turned off; and
        * additive blending enabled

I'm going to try implementing that either later tonight or tomorrow and see how that goes.
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There was an article in some time ago on the subject, you may want to check it out:

As for the original problem regarding the extrusion distance, you may want to try to extrude the back-faces instead. Additionally limit the light radius and extrude the shadow edges to the bounding box and use part of the bbox to complete the shadow shape. The downside is that that may result nasty non-convex polygons to render.
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