Tex Internal Formats - Clarification

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The 'internalformat' argument for the glTexImage*D commands can take many items besides 1,2,3 and 4.

Some constants like GL_RGB8, or GL_ALPHA8 can also be passed as values.

I've just got a little question or two about them:

GL_RGB8 means an image with three channels, each channel receiving 8bits (the image is 24bit). GL_ALPHA8 means one channel (alpha only) with 8bits for this channel, correct (the image would be 8bit)?

What I'm wondering is, does GL_RGB4 mean three channels each with 4bits of data? This would mean the image was... 12 bits per pixel? Blink (16bit with 4 wasted bits?)

I've been told it's better to pass the constants because it's more future-proof. Just wondering if I should send 16bit images to OpenGL as GL_RGB4.

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DoG Wrote:http://www.opengl.org/resources/code/sam...ode51.html

'nuff said.

Awsome man! That's getting a bookmark! Grin

Thanks a ton. Smile
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