GLSL: specular for point lights?

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I'm trying to setup a basic lighting shader to just mimic the fixed functionality, as a basis to build from. I've got two lights in it, but for the sake of simplicity, I've scaled it back to a single point light with just a specular component. This doesn't produce what I expect, which leads me to suspect that something is afoot with my half vector.

if (nDotLFill > 0.0)
    vec3 eyeVector = -worldVertex;
    vec3 halfVector = normalize (eyeVector + fillLightDir);
    float nDotHVFill = max (dot (normal, halfVector), 0.0);
    fillSpecular = vec3 (pow (nDotHVFill, gl_FrontMaterial.shininess));
gl_FrontColor = vec4 (fillSpecular, gl_FrontMaterial.diffuse.a);

fillLightDir is the vector from the vertex to the point light's position, and it is correct. (When I render just the diffuse component, I get the expected result.)

I guess my culprit is the calculation of the half-vector. I tried using the one calculated by GLSL in gl_LightSource[i].halfvector, but that is off as well. (I suppose it only works for directional lights?)

I have an orthographic projection setup, the camera is never translated, although I do translate and rotate the objects that are being rendered. Is it then correct to take the eye vector as -worldVertex (the vertex' position in world-space)? My reasoning is that it is (cameraPosition - worldVertex), where cameraPosition is vec3(0)...

Any insight would be appreciated! Smile
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Not directly helpful, but if you're going to be doing GLSL stuff, a copy of the Orange Book is a very helpful thing to have on-hand! It includes a comprehensive reference, as well as a substantial number of useful examples.

The Cg book you can download from NVidia is also helpful -- not that the syntax is identical, but the shader concepts are of course the same.
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Yeah, I have the OB, but the point light sample doesn't work for me. I think it has to do with the order in which I transform the vertices and the lights. I'm going to restructure and reorder my transforms and see if it works better. Thanks, though! Smile
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I've found this tool very useful:
It can generate glsl code for specific fixed pipeline functionality.
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