Good idea to merge SVN repos?

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I have a bunch of SVN repositories for my different projects, and now I was thinking of merging them into a single repo to be used with trac. I wonder if there is any disadvantage to this approach, as opposed to keeping the separate repositories. I saw OSC does it this way, and so does the trac plugins site, and it seems like a good idea, because I would not have to set up trac for each new toy project.

Also, if I do merge the repos, I would like to have a private and a public part. I know that svn can handle that easily, but does anybody know if Trac can deal with such an access scheme?
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Yes, Trac can deal with it. I think it only works if you're serving the repository via HTTP, then it uses the same access file as Apache. It's not completely perfect about keeping the private bits out of the public view I think, but you can probably tell that by looking for references to the top-level folder "Private" in my repository Smile
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