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I know a bit of Java and C++ (they are pretty similar anyway) and I am interested in creating a RPG using java-server-pages. I know what I want to accomplish, im just having trouble finding the exact thing I need to learn/search for. The basic layout will be with three frames, one with an interactive site map (aka, click and go there) the center frame with the text-based info which carries out the actual programming, and the third with a list of stats/inventory/etc.

Ive skimmed through a few tutorials and cant really find what I want to know. Basically, there are a few things I would like to implement.

Firstly, something that will prove that the operator is not a bot. Would a random number/simulation generator achieve this?

For example: You roll a dice ten times and get 10 numbers between 1 and 6 and these become the input to prove you are not a bot. (copy the numbers. If output = input then continue)

Secondly, im having trouble working out how to have the user input information. What would be a basic code for a registration for example? (username, email, random number generator, etc).

Most of the design will be 'click on this to do that' type thing and the program will run through the class.

I think I chose a project that is too big for a first attemp!! Sad

Links to tutorials or even code itself, or even some ideas of how to work through the things ive mentioned - would be greatly appreciated! Ive been researching through books and the internet for weeks and have been doing a web design course lately with C++ and database implimentation.

(I cant get this to post..)
Edit: Oh, Im really sorry. I thought id had something to do with having all the scripts banned on my browser. The email notifcation went straight to spam Sad
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darkdescendent Wrote:(I cant get this to post..)

The first few posts by new members need to be approved by a moderator which is why you were not seeing it.
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