py2app usage, and windows equivalent?

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Hello all!

Returning to do some game development Mac side after a long hiatus.

I am thinking of using the pygame library to get going this time. I've not had too much trouble getting a simple opengl python game up and running, just downloading and installing python2.4, pyobjc, pygame, and pyopengl and walking through the examples.

I'd like to take one of the samples and generate a native application at this point. Has anyone done this, and is there an example or sample file for a simple setup? Assuming a couple of python files that use the above libraries, how would I package them into a single usable application? I tried the simple setup file that comes with the py2app library, but while the build seems to work, the application does not run. It starts up, and then exits without running the game loop.

Somewhat related, but not quite, and perhaps not the best place to ask, but is there an equivalent library on windows that I could use to generate an .exe from the same source?

Thanks all!

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You're looking for py2exe for Windows. I haven't tried building a pygame game in a loong time so I don't know what's going on with py2app, but you may want to try the mac python irc channel if you don't have success here.

Good luck

p.s. Welcome to iDevGames!
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