Recursively Packing Source Code Into One File?

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daveh84 Wrote:I want to pack all my source code into one file and print it out before releasing my software for archiving purposes.

I don't think "archival purposes" is a sort of backup in this case. My suspicion here is that he's printing it and then will have it somehow notarized or date stamped as proof that it was written before a date and the copyright belongs to him. Yes, all of the version control options provide for this (although I have no idea how credible a court considers timestamps out of a version control system). A common approach is to mail it to something yourself and use the postmark as a reliable date stamp, but I think that's a little shaky too. Shoestring inventors do this instead of getting an actual copyright.

I don't think the original poster planned on restoring his code from a backup by reading printed pages of paper and typing it back into his computer.

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