LGPL and Frameworks?

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i'm working on a small project in which i want to include the ability to play MOD files.
Despite it is far away from beeing releasable, i have some questions:

ATM I'm using libmikmod to play the modfiles, which is released under the lgpl.
I included the library as a framework in my project, and it gets copied in the frameworks folder of my app.
When finished i want to release it as a free game, or free and the option to donate (but i doubt anyone would, cause it's my first game project besides pong Wink),
but i don't want to distribute the source or make it gpl (maybe i change my mind...).

The question is: do i violate the lgpl by using a framework?
I've read, that it's ok with .dll or .a files, but i want to be sure...Blink

Edit: realized this is my first post here, didn't notice cause i'm an 'active reader' Wink
So hi@all Wink
I'm a hobby programmer from germany. I just finished school and i think i have too much freetime till i can go to college Wink
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The basic idea about the LGPL is that as long as the user can replace the library with a different version, you're OK. The easy way to do that is with dynamic linking, though you can also provide complete object files and a command to re-link the application if you like Wink

Frameworks are dynamically linked, so there's no problem there. .a files are statically linked, so they're no good ( without the object files & command option, anyway Wink )
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