Some sort of guide to processors?

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Is anybody else getting really overwhelmed by all the new processor types that have come out in the last two years? I am just running a single processor G4 and yet worrying about how to make sure my game will run whether the Mac it is running on is single core, dual core, single processor, dual processor, Motorola, Intel, 32 bit, and 64 bit! Is there some sort of guide to what all of these different things mean, to a programmer, not some sort of marketing thing?
I'm curious as to...
•What the difference between a "core" and a fully independent processor is
•What changes, if any, I need to make for running on 64 bit (some of the Apple references mention that UPPs won't work in 64 bit?)
•If I should make the game multithreaded to get a performance boost on dual core processors
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• little enough that you shouldn't worry about it

• 64-bit on PPC is only for the case that you actually need more than 4GB of RAM, so that's probably a non-issue. 64-bit on Intel may (or may not) provide a performance improvement, but is only available on Leopard. If your code is well-written, no changes will need to be made. Make sure you don't assume that you can convert pointers to integers and back again, or otherwise that they're the same size. There is a type uintptr_t (unsigned int of pointer size) in <stdint.h> you can use for that purpose. Don't use deprecated APIs, because they're unlikely to be available.

• Technically, yes. However, multithreading is *not* easy and if you're in the least bit shaky on any of the concepts, you should avoid it like the plague. I tend to recommend that people look at and if they don't understand *even the smallest thing* I've done, avoid multithreading Wink
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