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Post: #16 is cool. Magic-C++ lol

What is the ultimate answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything?
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I know what I'm going to do when you make this game.
I'm going to cast magick mythal

But seriously, your profile says you are on PC, there are dozens of game
development environments on that platform to choose from.

Shop around and try some demos, look at their scripts and their
documentation and try some. Go with whats easy for you.

Make a prototype of your game while you learn and see if you even enjoy coding.
Maybe you will like level editing better and find that is where your time is best spent.

I don't mean to be rude, really, I'm not a grammar fascist, but your spelling or typing is really bad, and when it comes to coding, that can lead to major headaches.

You really want to hone those skills before getting into the thousands of lines of typing you are going to do with a C/C++ engine/game whatever.
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Danlab Wrote:"horrified" its a small word when you go to receive a big punch of all stuff to do for making a game.

I love you Danlab.
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