How do i display a lot of images?

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Hi all, I'm trying to create my first iphone game. I have a rock.png and i want to display about 30-50 rock.png on the screen, but i have no idea how to do it. I did come up with the theory that use NSTimer to display 30-50 rock images in 1 second, but it sounds inefficiency or not even work. I don't know. What should i do? Thanks in advance.
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You're post doesn't really make much sense the way you phrase it. But from what I gather, you seem to be getting way ahead of yourself if your asking a question like the one I think you are. In order to do any kind of serious graphics for any game on the iphone, you'll need to learn opengl. And based on your nstimer theory, I suspect it's time for you to brush up on cocoa basics.
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I did this using Quartz 2D instead of OpenGL... Depending on your type of game. A board game could be done with Quartz 2D. Action games -> open GL
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