Whats the best way to prepare for a programmer?

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Hey everyone, I'm an artist/designer, and i've got three games I am working on presently. I'm a college student, so i figure anything i make would be tiny, 2D games. As such, i can prepare all the artwork and design myself and basically hand off my work to a programmer who would be interested in helping me make the game. But really, how i format the artwork, and how i prepare my text files on the design, rules and so on, is still a bit of a mystery to me. At the moment, i have everything as .psd files, and simple text files. I'm curious to find any resources, or advice, on how to best prepare myself for when i bring all of this stuff to a programmer.

Thanks in advance Smile

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That will depend entirely on the programmer Smile

Personally, as a programmer, .txt or .rtf and .psd are good formats to receive information in. (as long as the .psd has an embedded bitmap preview, and can therefore be opened by Preview, as is the default).
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Yep, its all goint to depend on the programmer. Personally, I like .png files for images, .rtf for docs you create in word/text edit.

Just out of curiousity what types of games?
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Ahh, so i guess its not as complex as i thought! Thanks for the good news, guys. This basically means i have a lot less work to do and might be able to finish these a whole hell of a lot faster. Smile

Currently, one game is a unique spin on a Magic the gathering style game with two very different, and unique methods of play opposed to the standard style in most combat card games out today. It is nearly finished, i am simply trying to finish all the card art for roughly 300 cards. I've been working on it since last X-mas, but its a lot of drawing. Smile

Another is an old style 2D fighting game based heavily off of Samurai Showdown and Street Fighter. And the last one is a spherical puzzle game...its kinda hard to explain. Still working on the kinks in the gameplay on this one. Smile

I would suppose, this forum would be a good place to find a partner interested, right? I mean, i am still some work away from being ready, but its just good to know where to go when i am. Smile

edit: oh yea, i forgot to mention the first two games are mostly geared towards 2 player or p2p gameplay. The few friends i have here at school who have looked over my magic style game have shuddered at developing an AI for one player gameplay. Possible, maybe, but i think its just kinda crazy since not even wizards of the coast have done that yet.
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While I can't help you with the technical side of things: Make sure you know your competition in this. I do, I have worked with them both!




(and may I reccomend my book? hah, http://www.indiegameguide.com)
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I might be interested in doing the programming. I'm in college too, and am trying to finish a game of my own by the winter. After that, I might be able to take on other projects.
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