Making a game good enough for the major portals.

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Hiy guys,

We are planing to make this game good enough to be accepted on one or more of the
big causual game portals (, yahoo, bigfishgames)

[Image: bo1.jpg]


As you can see from the screen visually there is alot of space for improvement
for example adding a background, rework the interface graphics etc.

Now the most important is ofcourse the gameplay it have to be addictive fast paced and fun - or it wont simply sell neither be accepted by one of the big portals.

We doing an improvement List and are open to hear any critique or suggestions.

Thank you

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It appears to be Windows-only?
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From that screenshot, I'd recommend you to tone down the shadow effect a tad bit. The game board gets awfully dark, and the effect kind of drown out itself. Smile
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Since this is apparently a Windows-only game, the only feedback I can provide is based on the screenshots you have provided.

My suggestion: any major screenshot of your game should somehow depict the game-play. At first glance, I had no clue what was going on - everything is so dark and obscure (is this part of the game-play?). I can barely make out the elements of the scene, let alone tell what is going on in the scene. It wasn't until I visited your site and read the info that I found out that it is a breakout re-make. From first glance, I would have guessed this was some sort of puzzle game. Even after reading your info, I still found it hard to realize the essential elements of 'Breakout' in the game screenshot.

As Fenris mentioned, the shadow effect is too intense - and this ties-in to my suggestion. The other screenshots on your site suffer from the same problem. But then again, you are 'Dark Design', so this may have been your intention.

I like your color schemes and eye-candy - they are very fun, but as I mentioned before, everything is too dark to really appreciate it. My #1 suggestion would be to brighten things up - this is almost guaranteed to increase the games playability and appeal to users.

Just my personal opinion, but from my first impressions of the game, I would not buy it, even if I were a casual gamer and this were my type of game.
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Well, if the shadows has some relevance for the gameplay, it could be fine, but if it is only eye-candy (which it probably is) then they should be reduced by a lot, raising the ambient level of the scene.
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hi and thanks for your comments,
we have already a loooooong list on improvements also the whole 'dark design' thing will be raplaced by 'bright&colorful' sheme - here a concept overpaint:

[Image: concept1.jpg]
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Any reason why this is 3D instead of just 2D? The entire gameplay takes place on the x-y plane anyway.
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Much better! I can actually see what's going on now. The first thing that pops into my head when I see that screenshot is 'fun'.

Now you could probably go back and add some 'dark' levels to contrast the whole game setting.

Also, I'm really diggin' the clouds effect over the game-board, it gives it all a nice touch.

imikedaman, I'd imagine it's in 3D because 1) he's probably using a 3D api, why waste a whole dimension? 2) it allows for a more immersive game experience 3) 2D Breakout clones are soooo 1900's
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A casual-game should have some kind of motivational-factor.
How about this: Instead of playing on a fixed-size playfield, make a vertical-scrolling playfield which moves at a certain speed. You have to remove all the blocks in order to pass through and reach the goal (at the top) of each level. By doing so, you can implement a "travel" story and show a map with the progress, i.e. several different places to visit and so on. I would definetly replace the "just looking fancy and colorful" theme by a real theme, like a certain place (china, desert, middle-age etc). Casual games need to ber relaxing, so very often travel and holiday-themes are chosen.

Mac games free download:
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