Games development engine?

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Hello all games developers, I was wondering what I should look for in a good engine for 2D games. Are there any good you could recommend? Is it better to pay a little money or just go with a free one?

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That depends on what you're trying to accomplish. Presumably there's a reason you're looking for an engine at all rather than rolling your own?
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I just want to develop a 2D game as quicky as possible and don't want to go into rendering details. Basically, I would like something that provides me with easy-to-use rendering functions and maybe some HUD management. Are there any other good features in a games engine?
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It'd help if you gave a few more details about the type of game you want to make. For anything other than an arcade-style title I'd suggest Unity 3D if you're not an experienced programmer. It has a bit of a learning curve, but it's worth it.
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I'm creating a 2d engine for my game WHILE I'm learning C++ (LOL)- so as you can imagine, don't expect any results any time soon. I wouldn't mind knowing how long it'll take me if anyone has any guesses? -actually, Don't tell me (LOL). I probably won't want to do it then. xD

I'm learning classes for object orientated programing and all that jazz. I made some simple ASCII games using tutorials using Python and the Pygame library. A lot of the basic programming concepts I learned in Python translated rather effectively to C++. I'm working through the near 1 000 page book slowly I might add, on one of those mini-laptops.

The game the engine is for is a turn based strategy game in the likes of Advanced Wars for Gameboy Advance. My friend is designing it and I'm coding it (we need an artist). We got a game design document up on google wave and he just designs features and I code them in. We negotiate around what's realistic in what kind of time frame. He thinks like a programmer so it works out nicely.

I'm living at home so I have lots of time, I pull late nights on coffee, sometimes two nights in a row without sleeping. I work mostly in private places with no distractions and no wi-fi access so I can focus %100 on just learning as much as I can. I'm not rushed for time, I'm just enthusiastic really. There is so much to learn it's insane. But the more I learn, the more and more things start making sense and coming together.

Do you guys think this project is realistic for me?

(I expect to be on these forums quite a bit over the next few days, bugging people with all kinds of questions xD).

@ RedCrystal = Check wikipedia for a list of free 2d engines. There are so many, most of them have their own scripting languages to make things easier. But beware of taking short-cuts in the learning because you'll just have to come back later to fill in the gaps. Programming is a skill like any other and it takes lots of time and energy to get anywhere with it, if you rush it or do it half-assed you'll get half-assed results. Anyway, I'd suggest Torque Game Builder for $99 (I think). But try Game Maker first. They can help with the learning process if you use them wisely. But remember that the most successful games use their own engines and not other people's engines.
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