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Hi guys

Long time no see... I've been lurking in the corners for a while now, but have finally got motivated to release a shareware version of Chopper and I am after your help.

I'm just wondering what features you would like to see in the next version of Chopper.

Any ideas for another type of enemy or two, level types, extra weapons, graphical improvements, or just general design ideas would be most welcome.

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Welcome back!

- I'd love to have an action-based mode with unlimited ammo and dozens of respawning enemies. Unlimited bombs for mad explosion effects.

- More variety in the level graphics. Maybe a lake or an ocean. Background buildings. Maybe a desert?

- I think the weapons are just about dead on. They probably don't need to be changed.

- Enemy types... Maybe static gun emplacements? Are there enemy choppers? I can't remember.

That's all I can think of right now.
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Firstly loved the game - discovered it about 18months ago when i first got a PowerBook and still have it now on my new(ish) G5.

Suggestions for a new version:

1. Implement a mode from choplifter (see the link) where you could have the chopper facing front on which made it easier to drop bombs on enemies below and to land the chopper in very tight spaces. (you could add tighter spaces to the game in later levels)

2. Introduce new types of choppers - some are faster, smaller and hold less people and weaponry and others are larger, slower but can transport more people and hold more weaponry.

3. The usual stuff like better graphics, different locales etc. Maybe base some missions from something like an aircraft carrier and introduce some water missions?

4. More types of threats/baddies, or modify the weaponry that the bad guys have. ie Go from having a standard tank in early levels to having a tank with anti-aircraft guns in later levels etc

5. Have people you have to rescue locked inside buildings etc that you have to blow up (or at least put holes in) to let the prisoners escape so you can pick them up. or maybe even you have to chase down a vehicle (prison van or something) and blow it up to release people inside?

anyway that is my 2c

Look forward to an updated version.
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where is the old version?

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Also, I think some kind of two player mode would be cool. Just make sure you can't run into each other.

Oooh oooh, and maybe weapons can take chunks out of buildings instead of them just collapsing after enough damage has been done.
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Are we talking about the sweet uDevGames version of Chopper or the sweet and beautiful 3D one you were working on... ? Smile

And dare I ask about the top down car game? *sheepish*

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Other than less jets? Wink

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A you-killed-all-the-enemies (possibly excluding jets) bonus, to match the you-rescued-everyone bonus. Or make the perfect bonus incoporate both. :-)

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Wedding and Honeymoon Pictures between levels.
"Congratulations, you got the girl", "Good work, you earned a vacation" hehe.

Seriously though can you make it so the nose can be controlled by W and S
and the direction flipped with A and D?

I watch choppers fly by my house all the time and they don't do that nose down stuff.

Since the choppers that fly by are usually police or emergency, maybe you want to have some wounded people that get loaded up on stretchers by medics, with the theme from M*A*S*H.

The game sure is great looking.

Longer levels with no time limit, and lots of enemies, until the whole terrain is a blackened burned out mass would be ideal.
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Hi Guys
Sorry I haven't replied for so long, I got sent to London for a few weeks, so have been a bit busy to do anything.

Thanks for your ideas though, definitely will be helpful.

To answer a couple of questions, this is the udevGames version. Chopper2 (the 3d version) was too much of a learning curve so it got a bit big and very messy and not much good to work with. I'm biting the bullet and putting up with the really bad Chopper1 code because it is still pretty small.

Backyard Racing will be continued after Chopper 1.1. It's my pet project that actually has pretty nice code, nice enough that I have made a bunch of demo things from it varying from PVR software to weather simulations. Right now though, I need to prove to my wife that I can make money from a game so I can quit my job and code and paint again!

There's already quite a few things that you mentioned available and coded in the new Chopper, including configurable keys, a desert tile set, graphical improvements (I'm re-doing all the textures now that I can run the game in better than 640x480 and actually see how bad it looked!). And believe it or not Dan I am also aiming to reduce the reliance on jets to keep things interesting.

Anyway, cheers, better go do some work.

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Don't quit your job on just one game.

Look at recent news about piracy on the mac side, basically the story is the same from all the major publishers: "more copies pirated each month than sold in total".

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