Rescaling vertices?

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I read in long list of GL_TRIANGLES and GL_QUADS vertices from a data file which comprise a complex 2D polygonal.

Is it possible to scale these vertices?

For instance, I read in the data from file ComplexPoly.txt and create a Display List.

If I do

glScale(scale.x, scale.y, 1.0);

That will grow or shrink the polygonal, but only for that one instance.

I want to resize the vertices programmatically and then write the new values
back to ComplexPoly.txt.
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when you read each x, y, z from ComplexPoly.txt, first multiply it by scalingFactor then store the value. Write the values back out to ComplexPoly.txt if you want.
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You can either do this by,
A. by-passing opengl completly the better option.
B. looping through each vertex calling gluProject with identity projection and viewport matrices, then storing the altered values in that file.

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Thank!. Codemattic's approach is more understandable to my puny brain,
but I'll try Unknown's technique sounds interesting. I'll try both.
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