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Hi, I've been trying to write a space combat sim, and one hurdle I'm on right now is the skybox, or rather, making the image for the skybox.

Now, a starfield looks good enough, though you can still see the corners of the box, because the images don't make up for the distortion. The same goes with the sphere, but the distortion is at the poles.

It gets more complicated when I try to add a nebula etc. to it, because then its impossible to make all the images match. In photoshop, I can make the images on the sides match up, but not the top and bottom. Any ideas? Thanks!
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I use a sky sphere. My sphere ( a textured mesh ) has multiple concentric layers which show different textures. I also render stars and planets as textured quads tangential to the sphere.

I render all this in back-to-front order with depth testing turned off. It looks pretty decent, plus it allows for full control -- procedurally -- over how the sky looks. For example, I can tint the sky based on the position of the sun, distance from the horizon, etc.

For example:
[Image: Screenshots-2005-10-25-06.png]
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