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I havent researched this so if you dont want to answer because i havent then dont post.

A few days ago i DL a program and a file that it runs. Automagically the file was associated to the program without ever running it. When i tried opening the file the system didnt know what program to use (so i just closed it). Ever since i ran the program OSX now auto runs that program when i use that specific file. What is that called and where can i find a tutorial to do that with my custom files?

This is semi unrelated but what is the program call that is ran when uncompressing files? .gz and .zip are automaticly extracted to the folder i open the file in (i rather choose where to extract it). Is there a winrar like (gui) client i can use on OSX for zip, gz & 7z's?
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If you specify in XCode that the application opens a specific file format, OS X will then be able to associate that file with that application. IIRC, get info on the target that represents your application, and it will show up there.
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You set the document type associations for your application in its Info.plist. They keep moving the UI for it in Xcode around, but I think it might be in the target settings.

You can use a third-party utility like Stuffit Expander if you're that worried about choosing where to decompress each file to, rather than just moving stuff afterwards...
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Take a look at this

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Thanks for you help as allways Smile
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