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One of the most important issues of online multi player games is game balance, 2 parties are locked in combat where individual skill should decide the outcome of the match. If game play is not balanced, then they way the game is configured will decide the outcome of the match and not individual skill. So when developing or editing multi player online games, always keep in mind that the teams must be equally matched and spawn timers of both parties equally in tune with each other. If game play is unbalanced then the outcome of the match will always systematically be the same, which can be very disapointing or frustrating for the player. Basically if a game developer wants to create an online multi player game and decides to completely ignore the game balance, then this person should not be in the multi player industry.

Creating large contrasts in the game balance is not really advisable.
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What is the purpose of this post?

1) You're speaking in itallics and it's difficult to read, mind changing that?
2) Game Balance is nearly always taken in to account when making a game, that's one of the vital part of game design
3) Saying that they shouldn't be in the multiplayer industry is a bit harsh - balancing out the weapons can usually be done during the game release time, when it the game is in play and patterns can be spotted
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