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Lua's piss easy and great to work with, i've written several complete games which vary from very small amounts to almost completly programmed in lua. I would also recommend looking into Io though.

AnotherJake Wrote:Not that byte-code is completely hack-proof though
If your MD5 checksum fails disable highscores.

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*nothing* is hack-proof... a checksum is just one more thing to be bypassed.
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Honestly, if someone wants to go ahead and a hack a bunch of byte-code Lua scripts, I'm really not too worried about it. I'm really going with Lua just because I like the syntax, the C API, and after I figured out how to run it, it was really nice. I like the byte-code aspect of it just so that it's smaller, faster, and harder to change.
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Taxxodium Wrote:Perhaps we need a tutorial on how to do searching Rasp
Yes, but how will people find it?

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