How do YOU use OpenGL ES?

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wademcgillis Wrote:Yeah. My graphics card is horrible. It's an Intel GMA, and my processor is a 1.6 Ghz Atom Wink

/\ I hope I don't get banned for that post.

Or maybe you guys won't help me anymore...

That's why a hackintosh can be a waste of money for iPhone dev. That setup simply isn't fast enough to run the emulator.

Ideally you should have mentioned you weren't using a proper development machine in your original post so other posters would know they can discount any issues you're having with the OS, Xcode or the simulator as incompatibility issues that you'd have to work out on your own.

By using the iPhone dev software and OS X on anything other than a Mac, you're in breach of the developer license agreement you signed with Apple. This causes problems on iDevGames as other devs on here have also signed the same agreement and could be regarded as being in breach of it by discussing anything to do with the hacks with you. That's one reason why there's a general policy on iDevGames of not allowing discussion of hackintoshes, non documented API calls or other topics that breach the license agreement.

I'd recommend buying a cheap Intel based Mac to be able to properly do iPhone development (both legally and practically), regard your system as null and void as far as discussion here is concerned and treat this thread purely as a knowledge exercise in what is feasible with Open GL ES on the iPhone platform.
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Skorche Wrote:In a similar example to Frank's, I had a simple asteroids game that I stressed tested by drawing like 1000 asteroids at once. I was able to more than double the framerate by only binding the texture once at the beginning of drawing the asteroid sprite batch instead of for each one.

I've never suspected glColor*() to be expensive, though I generally only have it set to white anyway.

Well... I'm pretty sure I didn't use glColor at all.

Could you download the source, and tell me what could problem could be?
It seems that, without blitting, I'm unable to fill the screen with graphics without the game running really slow.
Other iPhone games do fill the screen, but they run fine. What is their secret? Or am I missing something here?


Zwilnik Wrote:I'd recommend buying a cheap Intel based Mac
Ha! There is the problem. Those two words "cheap" and "Mac" cannot be used in the same sentence. Even buying a used Intel based Mac (non refurbished) is a waste of money, because people only sell it for $100 or so less.

That is why I bought a Hackintosh, because I do not buy into Apple's ponzi scheme.

Zwilnik Wrote:by discussing anything to do with the hacks with you.
But we aren't discussing the hacks. We are only discussing the lag.

I don't get why fanboys can be all touchy feely when someone does something or says something bad about Apple/Mac computers. Fanboys bash Windows all the time and seem to be able to justify it. BUT HEAVEN FORBID WHEN SOMEONE DOES SOMETHING AGAINST ALL HOLY APPLE.
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I've locked this thread, as I doubt anything useful will come of it after this tangent. Please open new threads to discuss one of the many topics mentioned so far Smile
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