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I been messing with HID a lot (not that long actually) and i am begining to understand how to use it.
Before i go and write a ton of code i wanted to know if anyone else has code that detects and polls hardware directly (i hate to keep track via events).

I plan to write

- Support for 3 buttons (left, right, middle/wheel).
- relative x, y movement
- Wheel movement.

- Detects each button and if it is pressed or not

- Count and poll if each buttons is pressed
- Detects the axis/stick position
- Amount of and hat position

I am sure someone here has written HID code that does this. It be great if you can send me a link or directly email it to me (look at my profile for the email)

NOTE: I do not want to use SDL or other 3rd party libs. I only want to know if somone has done any of these.
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You should Google for George Warner's HID utilities. In addition to that, I could send you the HID code for El Ballo - it does the gamepad/joystick stuff. I'll try to mail it to you tomorrow - I don't have internet at home at the moment.
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i googled 'George Warner' and landed on this page
It was really helpful thanks.

I will be writing my HID code sometime this week, if anyone would like to help drop me a line. If anyone wants the source let me know.
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