OpenGL problem in Xcode deployment build

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I have a large OpenGL game in the final stages of development but as soon as I switch the Xcode build to Deployment mode, the shadows from the characters are drawn a long way away from where they should be.

The difference appears to be in gltMakeShadowMatrix() that I found in the OpenGL SuperBible book. In deployment build, I get the wrong values in elements 9 to 15 of the destMat. In development mode everything works as expected.

Appreciate any help here as I'm stuck

void gltMakeShadowMatrix(GLTVector3 vPoints[3], GLTVector4 vLightPos, GLTMatrix destMat)
    GLTVector4 vPlaneEquation;
    GLfloat dot;

    gltGetPlaneEquation(vPoints[0], vPoints[1], vPoints[2], vPlaneEquation);
    // Dot product of plane and light position
    dot =   vPlaneEquation[0]*vLightPos[0] +
            vPlaneEquation[1]*vLightPos[1] +
            vPlaneEquation[2]*vLightPos[2] +

    // Now do the projection
    // First column
    destMat[0] = dot - vLightPos[0] * vPlaneEquation[0];
    destMat[4] = 0.0f - vLightPos[0] * vPlaneEquation[1];
    destMat[8] = 0.0f - vLightPos[0] * vPlaneEquation[2];
    destMat[12] = 0.0f - vLightPos[0] * vPlaneEquation[3];

    // Second column
    destMat[1] = 0.0f - vLightPos[1] * vPlaneEquation[0];
    destMat[5] = dot - vLightPos[1] * vPlaneEquation[1];
    destMat[9] = 0.0f - vLightPos[1] * vPlaneEquation[2];
    destMat[13] = 0.0f - vLightPos[1] * vPlaneEquation[3];

    // Third Column
    destMat[2] = 0.0f - vLightPos[2] * vPlaneEquation[0];
    destMat[6] = 0.0f - vLightPos[2] * vPlaneEquation[1];
    destMat[10] = dot - vLightPos[2] * vPlaneEquation[2];
    destMat[14] = 0.0f - vLightPos[2] * vPlaneEquation[3];

    // Fourth Column
    destMat[3] = 0.0f - vLightPos[3] * vPlaneEquation[0];
    destMat[7] = 0.0f - vLightPos[3] * vPlaneEquation[1];
    destMat[11] = 0.0f - vLightPos[3] * vPlaneEquation[2];
    destMat[15] = dot - vLightPos[3] * vPlaneEquation[3];

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One of the most common solutions is to simply do a Clean All targets and rebuild. It may or may not work though...

"When you dream, there are no rules..."
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Thanks for the suggestion. I did indeed try that and have repeatedly switched back and forward from dev to deployment build with a clean at each stage but still get the shadows in different places.
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I'd suggest comparing the assembly code generated in debug and release modes. It won't be fun, but it probably tells you what you need to know about what's been done differently.
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Thanks for the idea. I have just looked at both assembly code listings and the 2 listings are almost completely different for every line of code throughout the program (ie not just the suspect area). I'm amazed at how different the listings are so I haven't copied anything here as it would be too long.

Not sure where to go next with this - any further thoughts?
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Most of the difference will be that the debug build will have lots of redundant loads and stores. The instructions that do the "grunt-work" of the math should be roughly the same, though probably in a different order.

One possible thing to look for is whether it's issuing fused multiply-add instructions (eg. fmadds/fmsubs) in the optimized build or not in the debug build, for example.

If it's all Greek to you, post both listings and we can take a look for you.

I'd also be printing out the floats, making sure you aren't getting NaNs in the optimized build where you're not in the debug build, for example.
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OK - have been working around the printing of floats which still seem to be floats. However when I come back from the gltMakeShadowMatrix() call, I tried to force in the values for the matrix[9] thru [15]. No difference in results! However if I force the values just before I need to use the matrix, everything works under Deployment build. Development build continues to work exactly as required regardless.

So, I'm not sure where the problem now lies but I have an ugly fix. As I now have hit other problems around switching back and forth fullscreen to windows, I'm going to leave this for now.

Appreciate your help here as I have learnt much more about the ability to look into the assembly code. Regards.
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