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To this day I'll try some examples and tuts but.. no one gave me a simply method to do something like that: I have an OBJ file (not too complex), and now I have see it on my simply application under MacOS X (the screen go to full screen, object will be loaded and now with mouse I can move and rotate it). Sorry, I know its a beggining problem and maybe Im not too careful with tuts and docs. Please help me. Maybe small link to simply step-by-step tutorial for wtiting like this. After this I think to get it on the base and other ways and ideas will be much more easiest. Please help - I'm usind Xcode Tools from MacOS X Tige - latest update.

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1. Work through these:
2. Learn what obj file format is like (this should be enough detail for getting started: )
3. Program your own obj loader (not too hard)

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