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some weeks ago I bought a good book about Cg programming. All here is universal so I can use it with my MacOS X Tiger too Smile Now is my question - I'm beginer in this so please don't be angree for me :- (to this time my programming been around a utilities software and specially web/php/mysql programming.. but now I have start to learn something in ths great and incredible system OS X), so:

What may I use for programming tool with MacOS X Tiger for make something with OpenGL technologies, and Cg programming? In the future I have (maybe) do some games Smile I have a Xcode with my system (bought with Mac) but there is a Cg programming (is that what I see - maybe I'm wrong) with assembled code - not with C style like in a book. For explanation: the book is a "The Cg Tutorial: The Definitive Guide To Programmable Real-Time Graphics" by Randima Fernando & Mark J. Kilgard.

Please help me with this becouse this market is very interesting for me and I have a try.
My system is MacOS X Tiger under PowerMac G5 dual 2GHz.

Regards to all
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Having Xcode is a good start. Now all you need is a knowledge in a programming language. I recommend you start reading about C and then switch to ObjectiveC so you can use the Cocoa frameworks.

For specific OpenGL tutorials, head over to Nehe:
For Mac developing:

Feel free to ask any other questions you may have.

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Post: #3 is a quick way to get up and running with OpenGL on Mac OS X, though a few things are slightly different in current versions of Xcode.

Unfortunately for you, Cg isn't particularly relevant to Mac OS X. Yes, you can use it, but you'll never get the full power of eg. the Radeon X1600 that ships in the Intel iMac and MacBook Pro with it. Fortunately, Cg's concepts translate easily to the OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL), so what Cg you learn won't be wasted.

If you want to get started with Cg, you'll need to grab the NVidia Cg SDK from here: first. Most of the code in your book should "just work" on the Mac, I'd hope. Some advanced shaders will require an NVidia GeForce 6xxx, 7xxx or Quadro 4500 card and Mac OS X 10.4.3.
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Thanks, now I know where to start. So I'll be in touch. Thank you very much. If anyone have a other suggestions please include this here Smile
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You should start with command line apps. Look up printf, sprintf i think gets (i dont usually need that). They are all on this site which i use a lot
When you want to start making windows and stuff look at one of the templates in xcode. I havent done any mac window and events programming but i know the MS windows is a mess. Half of the reference is for MFC and the other half is hard to find (msdn, less known sites etc). Avoid that for as long as you can. Its really easy when you know enough c and have a good sample (ask around, somone may provide it).
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