help me with my HL2 Mod?

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Project name:

Brief description:
The major focus of this mod will be to develop a system of combat whereby team play is strongly encouraged. I want this to require "smart," team orientated combat; players need to work together in order to succeed. Implied in this, the game will be a team vs. team mod.

The game will be a team vs. team game in a futuristic setting with robots/machiens. Each side will have multiple classes from which you get to choose at the start, each of them having their own weaknesses and strengths. I havn't decided on the actual team objectives, maybe capture the flag or protect, i don't know yet; but I imagine the best gameplay will slowly reveal itself as coding progresses. This will be an evolutionary style of development, start with a fresh HL2MP code, and slowly build modifications off that.
There are two primary goals:
Develop Classes (weapons, life, & armor)
Develop Game/Map Goals

I am a coder, but I'd really like to have another coder to work with.

Target aim:
Develop a mod with good team play in a relatively short period of time.

This is for pleasure.

HL2 & Compiler

Talent needed:
Anyone who likes games and has a skill to offer.

Team structure:
I am a coder and amateur modeler, and have a skinner.



Additional Info:
This is a half-life 2 Mod, meaning the game is already done, and from the start we will be able to see the effects of our coding and modeling. No waiting for long development times before you see the effects of your work.

I want to carry out this project with as much ease and speed as possible. I would like to minimize the addition of new elements and maximize the modification of existing code to achieve the goals stated above. I realize this is an entirely intrinsicely rewarded project, so i want to minize adding new stuff to debugging (which sucks) at a minimum. I focus on weapon modification because there is already robust system in place, and the coding design allows a lot of flexibility with not too much difficulty. Also, the consequences of character actions ultimately manifest themselves weapon, and determine player styles and tactics. Therefore I believe this is the area with the greatest "bang for your back" area to change gameplay.

any you'd like
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I think you won't have much replies because this a Mac oriented forum and Half Life hasn't and will probably never be released to Mac.

Good luck on the project though!

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