Piracy from the Dev's Perspective

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Najdorf Wrote:Of course the lecturer shouldn't hand out cracks, still i believe all serious software (say photoshop, CAD, other productive tools) should have a "student" edition at very affordable price free for non-paid academic use only, otherwise students will never learn to use the tool. If there isn't a student edition, there's not much alternative.
I think the student version is something like $200.
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One thing to note: I couldn't afford some of the cool tools when i started developing, I pirated them, which got me started in the whole thing. I mean, when I didn't know much about programming or game development, but wanted to start, esp. at age 12, there's no way I'm capable of buying the kinds of tools a 12 year old as dumb as me could figure out, etc. [Note to FBI / Govt Agents / MJ12 : I'm kidding]
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Guys, undercover CIA here, you're all under arrest.

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Only if you can catch me! *jumps out of window*
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I've never done Software, but I used to limewire a lot before the days of iTMS

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@Najdorf: if the developer doesn't release a "educational edition" of their software, then it is simply the case that students should stop using that software - it is the developers choice to release a edu edition of their tools or not, but I'd hazard that a couple of years of students having no experience of the tool would decide the mind of the developers pretty quickly...

Regardless, the software concerned has a free learning edition (although I understand there are some incompatibilities between the file formats of the learning and professional editions, with the pro edition unable to import edu edition files.)

@Zwilnik: that is probably the plan as soon as the lecturer concerned isn't teaching on any of my modules...

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Tom Cain
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I've released several shareware games on Palm OS and recently my first on Mac OS. I don't know if my games have been pirated, but surely they've been "casually" pirated among friends.

I'm using a separate demo and full version, which at least prevents reg codes from being posted. There's nothing I'm doing against posting full versions online. I don't know what I could do anyway that wouldn't inconvenience paying customers. I've basically taken the perspective that over the long term I'll need honest paying customers and several products to make a living. Paying customers are interested in getting on my mailing list, which makes marketing the next game easier, and that is very important to my strategy. In my business view, I can't justify the time to take extra measures to better prevent pirating. The idea of pirates is disappointing, though.

I'm also trying tiered pricing with my current Mac game. I have a lower price for students. And Apple got the idea of Family Licensing out there for people with multiple Macs. I'm trying that and it's actually working out well, 20% of my sales so far are a family license. I took the view that many people are willing to pay for multiple copies, just not full price for each copy. I can appreciate that view and decided to test it.
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I've seen software that's $3000 (I'm not joking...)

I did pirate it but never got it to work...
(and a couple more from limewire)

I get a lot of "hand-me-downs" from my aunt... she goes through computers so fast it's amazing... and I take all the neat programs...
(like for instance... an old bryce... she left it on my grandmothers computer and my grandmother said I could have it)

But I don't let "any" of my pirated stuff out on the web (like renders from bryce)
It's all to learn, I intend to buy it all when I get a job... or something...
(although I used PS 3 to crop and image a while back............ for a screenie of my program....)

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7. What do you think the shareware industry should be doing with respect to piracy? (Ignoring it, taking legal action, stronger registration systems, etc.)

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