Game Developer Conference - anyone going?

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We need a group for threads called 'the Pub' where everything else game related goes. I couldn't find a category where this would be a perfect match, and yet it totally relates to gamedev.

Any suggestions?

I'm posting here where most people seem to hang so hopefully someone knows.

I'm planning on spending a few days in the San Jose area next week primarily for attending Gam,e Developer Conference, - might be in ATI's or Nvidia's booth, or both. TBD, awaiting final confirmations of days and hours. Also plan on being a bit with the gang from (I think they're in someone else's booth).

Anyway, if anyone from this community is attending I'd love to meet and chit-chat.

We'll be launching Quidam by N-sided. ( . (We'll also show it this weekend in booth 1011 at WizardWorld West in Los Angeles.)

Don't hold back, shoot at me with any questions on this, Carrara and whatever you might be curious about. In return I want to learn as much as I can from you about Unity if you have used it.
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