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Does anyone know any free 3d renderers? i need one for the intro/Beetween-level-movies for my game.
[EDIT] sorry, i meant renderers on the title
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although i've never tried it looks impressive.
Also povray is always good.

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Well, what program are you using to model, texture, and set up the scene? Does it not have a built-in renderer?

I'm pretty sure Yafray is what Blender uses, and from what I've seen, it is quite capable. Don't expect to be able to do the sorts of things you can do in Maxwell or some other uber expensive renderer, but I definately think it will do. Good luck!
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Blender! VERY competent renderer. It supports Yafray too, but its rendering engine is its own. Good animation toolset too.
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Other than Blender and YafRay, there is also Art of Illusion.

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this is my field.
I would recommend blender's internal renderer-it's not *photorealistic* but it renders fast and can create [beautiful[/i] images. it's an incredibly powerful modeling system, though different than any other one out there (I actually find it [easier[/i] to use, but that's just me. Many other people consider it to have an incredibly steep learning curve. If you are looking for photorealistic, I'd look at either yafray or povray, though blender should be enough.

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