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I've just downloaded a copy of blender and maya 7 PLE and I would like to attempt to make a few simple structures for my game. I don't really feel like learning python and writing my own blender export code, and I would rather not make up my own format, so what are my options?

I'm looking for a 3D model format that supports texturing and animation, and it would be really nice if there was a decent c or c++ openGL load/display/animate class available, or at least a tutorial.

Does anyone have a good tutorial link, class, or suggestion?

What have you used in the past, and how well did that turn out?

Joseph Duchesne
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Joseph Duchesne Wrote:I've just downloaded a copy of blender and maya 7 PLE...

Alias has it's own format (FBX) and they offer an SDK to use it as well.


I wrote an exporter for FBX for Inspire, and I found the SDK to be simple enough.
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Blender doesn't (and never will, apparently) support fbx, but it does cupport collada now (with animation...not sure to what extent.)

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LOL That's funny, I'm making something exactly along the lines of what you want. I'm writing a program that will import obj files, add textures if they aren't already present, add collision surfaces, generate shadow meshes, and animations, then export in my own format. I will then have an API to load and draw/animate/detect collisions (through ODE) through a C interface. I hope to be done with it by the beginning of summer, end of summer at the latest. I've already go the loading of obj models, textures, and 90% of the collision surface creation done in the application portion done. I plan on releasing it open source, and have the API be cross-platform, along with dealing with endian issues etc. from the beginning so it can easily be universal binary. (the application likely won't be cross platform (but it will be UB), unless somebody decides to download the source and port it)
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