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I need to load files with resource forks for a game, do I have to use the Carbon framework for this?

I need to get the individual BRGR data's out and ill need to get other stuff later as well,

Can I just read a file in and extract the data myself, I'd rather not use the Carbon framework if possible, if so does anyone know where I can find a spec. of thie type of data?

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If you absolutely 100% for sure have to use resource forks, find a way not to. Make a converter to extract the resource fork data and save it into a separate data file before use if you have to. You must access resource forks through Carbon (that is, if there are even any resource manager routines left lying around; I haven't touched them in years myself). Do not ever attempt to write your own resource fork parser. 1) it's a complete waste of effort 2) it is virtually impossible to do correctly.
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Inside Macintosh had a description of the format of the resource fork, but I really suggest just using the Carbon Resource Manager. It's not all that hard, and is sure as heck easier than writing your own Rasp
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I second Jake here: open the fork in ResEdit and grab what you need. Then put the .rsrc file on a separate drive and do a hard format. At a crossroads. During fullmoon.
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