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Ok, I haven't done game programing before but I have done quite a bit of programing. I want to make a Real Time stratagy game (alot like starcraft, but with more variaty). I am looking for other people to help in this (c++ programers please, and any artists). It will most likely be a sprite game (unless someone can convince me that doing a 3d RTS game would be sane for a small team to create). also sprite games make RTS games simplier anyways, warcraft 3 made it so hard to micro Sad. (I realize I coulden't get anywhere near those graphics but sitll....><).

Main thing I want to know is with a small team could this realisticly get done? if anyone is interestted in helping AIM me at Nyzse, or email me at (I prefer aim though becuase I rearly check my email).

And Maybe this should go in the classifieds section, but that seems more for money jobs, this would be a free thing and any money made off the game would be split between us. and also I want general information on how doable this is, (and alot more people post here =P).

Sorry if this got double posted somehow, but my last post dosen't seem to be there. and also I do use PC, i don't know how much of a problem that would be developing a game with PC and mac users. I didn't realize this was a mac forum at first though.
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BY the way, you could develop the project pretty much simultaneously for Mac OS X and Windows (and a bunch of others) by using cross-platform libraries such as SDL, _image, _mixer, and friends...

Mark Bishop
Student and freelance OS X & iOS developer
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What are peoples thooughts on Torque 2d, (

I don't really know how to explain this too well, but if I use that is it goign to look and play like I made it with Torque 2D, sence it's open source I would be able to change anything that made it feel like you where playing a game built off an engine, but sometimes it might be harder to build code than to change it. I don't really know exactly what I'm trying to ask, but I'm willing to spend more time on something to program it all from scratch, so that it looks better.

A radical example of what I'm trying to say:
About two years ago I began making games with those Sprite maker programs, I could recreate a game like starcrtaft (basicly what I'm trying to do here), but it would still feel like :I made it using one of those engines, also if you play warcraft, no matter how much time people spend in campaign editor, it will ALWAYS feel like a warcraft game, even if you could change the graphics.
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Look into blitzmax ( sounds like exactly the tool for you. I use it and love it, you could definitely write a 2d rts in blitzmax no problem.
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I am actually in the beginning process of making a RTS myself. At the moment I am the only one working on the project, although things seem to be going along very well, especially for how big I plan it to be. If you want I'd love to talk about what I've learned so far, and see where you would like your game to go.
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Mmmm.. i was also planning to start an RTS game myself, have done no planning or development so far, school is doing a good job at keeping me busy, but with 5 months of time getting work experience, i should have loads of time to work on something like this.
I'd have to say that i agree with sealfin on this one, SDL is free and has a pretty large userbase, some commercial games have been written in it, and works on a lot of platforms with a fair amount of extensions. It's a C/C++ library that provides you with everything you need to write a game, but has no engine like torque, which is essentially an engine, then again, i'd rather write one myself anyway. My thought on Torque is that, for one it's paid, and you interact with it via 'torque script' which makes me worry a bit, i mean.. i'd much rather use C++ to directly access the engine. Now Blitzmax, i've heard some things about this one, but like the topic starter stated, c++ would be preferred, and i agree with that. I've done a fair share of Basic, be it Visual Basic, but i don't really like it, i find C/C++ to be great for game dev. So, C++ would be the way to go for me. Maybe some of us should have a chat about this 'making an RTS' thing Wink on an IM.
Theres one more thing tho.. i mean, we would need some graphical guys, and i don't know if that's a lot of work, but i know the other game i am working on ( a cardgame called 'the pso3 project' ) has trouble finding them, besides me, but i can only do photoshop, not really pixel art like you would need for this.. or renders.. which i could do.. but i prefer programming anyway!
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not to be to much of a copycat but i would also like to make an rts.then mainly a space, perhaps part text based,
but i dont really know how to do it i have no former experience, but i still feel up to the tasc, i have to say that i am interrested in your offer and would like to join you in making an rts, but as i said i have no exeperience and i am only a decent artist.(i study art,just thougth i should mention that.)

live long and prosper.
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