Compiled vertex array problem

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I recently picked up an old Radeon 7000 for testing purposes and found it exhibits depth fighting/clipping problems, especially with multi-pass surfaces. After a bit of tinkering with the depth buffer and transform hints I finally discovered compiled vertex arrays were to blame...

The 7000 doesn't have hardware transform, so compiled arrays aren't going to help it much anyway, but I didn't expect them to break things either. Now, I can work around this easily enough but I was wondering if I can expect the same problem on other cards that lack hardware transforms - e.g. Rage 128's - I think all other Mac OS X compatible cards have hardware T&L and should be OK, but any insight would be appreciated.
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Are you entirely sure that you are not modifying the data between Lock and Unlock calls? If so, you should write a small test case and file a bug with Apple.

Otherwise, I _very strongly suggest_ you forget that Compiled Vertex Arrays ever existed. Vertex buffer objects are superior in every respect, and are, by far, the most future proof-way to submit vertices.

VBOs are supported on every OpenGL renderer on OS X 10.4, including those without HW TCL.
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