Open/Save As versus Import/Export?

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I image this may be a really stupid question, but I really don't
know it.

I've used alot a applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, Graphic
Converter, Wings3D, etc. Sometimes I need to use Open to bring
in a file of a particular format and sometimes I need to use Import.
Same thing goes for Save As and Export.

Typically, I use one when I should be using the other and hence a
format is not listed or a file in the directory is greyed out. So I have
to back out and go to the other option. Infuriating.

Is there some rule of thumb or convention used here? Or is this just
an arbitraty decision by the developers? I did have one idea: when
plugins are used, are they always in the Import/Export options?

Just trying to lower my blood pressure Smile
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Save implies that you're using the native format for the application and that you're not losing any data by doing so.

Import and Export imply you're going to or from a non-native format, and include the possibility that data might be lost in either conversion.
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