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I'm importing Illustrator (.ai) drawings with some rounded edges and corners
into Wings3D. The model (object) that Wings3D is making the curves
too sharp (ie not very smooth).

Just as a test, I created a circle in Illustrator. When Wings3D read it
in, it created a square.

Looking at the circle in Illustrator again, I noticed that Illustrator had
created the circle with 4 control points. If I mentally took out the 4 arcs
of the circle that lie between the 4 control points, I see a square.

I don't suppose Wings3D can decode Illustrator's bezier curves? Can anybody
think of a trick or technique for making Wings preserve more of the curves
from Illustrator. Hope this isn't a limitation, because I'm really starting
to enjoy Wings3D.

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Wings' AI importer has an option to subdivide segments (if I remember correctly), did you try that?
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Meshes. Added Meshes in Illustrator to objects. After importing
to wings3D, I have to delete all the mesh's center but keep
the outer curves.

Improvement: A better technique I found was to take the Pen Tool and just
add anchor points on any curved lines of the drawing outline.
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