Full Screen Key Capture Issues

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So over the last few months ive been toying off and on with this code and I cant quite get it to work. Ive narrowed it down a whole bunch but I was hoping for a little guidance since this is my first time really working with OpenGL.

The problem is that my event captures all keys in the window mode just fine. But as soon as I try and go fullscreen it rejects all key input. What I mean by that is any key input I do while in fullscreen I get a system beep.

I checked the code with printf() and it installed the event handler just fine in both modes. In the windowed mode I get an event occured printf, but in full screen it dosnt even call my event handler.

If I call a CGDisplayRelease() and bring up my menu I can capture key strokes while I have a menu bar pulled down but if I dont have a menu bar selected I still get a system beep.

void InitMyEventHandler(void)
    EventTypeSpec    events[3] = {
                                kEventClassKeyboard, kEventRawKeyDown,
                                kEventClassKeyboard, kEventRawKeyUp,
                                kEventClassKeyboard, kEventRawKeyModifiersChanged,

            /* CREATE EVENT HANDLER */

    gMyEventHandlerUPP = NewEventHandlerUPP(MyEventHandler);
    InstallEventHandler(GetApplicationEventTarget(), gMyEventHandlerUPP, 3, events, nil, &gMyEventHandlerRef);
    //InstallEventHandler(GetUserFocusEventTarget(), gMyEventHandlerUPP, 3, events, nil, &gMyEventHandlerRef);

I hope this is enough info, If anyone wants to take a look at my full source let me know I would be happy to email it to you.

Thanks in advance for the help, and thanks for your time

Kyle Richter
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I couldn't find anything wrong with the code you posted. I wrote an article on reading the keyboard with Carbon events. You can find the article using the link in my signature. The article includes a small sample program that reads key presses in fullscreen mode.

Mark Szymczyk
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I figured out what my issue was, I was missing a RunApplicationMainLoop(); in my switch to full screen code. Thanks for the help Mark, your article lead me down the right path.

Kyle Richter
Twitter: @kylerichter
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