.obj loader much slower result than Jitter

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Hi everybody.

I just started out using Xcode and GLUT to do some openGL 3d things. I'm completely new to all of it, even the basic use of .h files, frameworks, library or Xcode.

But, no need to let that stop ones ambitions right?
After searching this forum, I downloaded the .obj loader from Karl Berg (the ModelType.h thingy and the .cpp file).
I've succesfully loaded an .obj and have it rotating away along the y-axis, but... it stutters...and goes extremely slow.

Now, the reason I started learning all this stuff is to be able to make my work in openGL instead of Max/Jitter, in the hope to have things runnning faster.
The .obj I used to test has about 3500 vertices/2900 faces and runs smoothly in Jitter where it's rendered 6 times to the screen.

I was expecting things to run better, or a least equally smooth in my little cpp/GLUT app but this seems not to be the case... Is this because of the object loader or is there any other reason for this to be the case...?
Maybe a different .obj or whichever-type-model-loader is faster... any comments would be appreciated. (but I'm a far way off from programming my own loader).

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Hi Brecht! First off, welcome to the forum. Smile
Secondly, the speed of rendering (drawing) does not have anything to do with the loading - loading should just be done once, and from there on, there are the problems with getting fast enough rendering. However, if you're very new to this, perhaps you are actually reloading the model every frame? That would definitely slow you down like nothing else. Smile Please describe in more detail what you're doing, or even better, post some code.
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What is jitter?

"Yes, well, that's the sort of blinkered, Philistine pig-ignorance I've come to expect from you non-creative garbage."
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Hi Fenris, thanks. I like this forum, found and read a lot of interesting threads.
I feel a bit like the übern00b...with all the pro's here... and me asking that silly question.
I indeed had put the .Loadobj in my main loop Blush so thanks for the tip!!

Jitter, Leisure Suit Lurie, is a set of objects for MAX (which in itself is a graphical programming environment for midi, audioprocessing, videoprocessing (http://www.cycling74.com) ), it's similar to PureData (http://www.puredata.org) and VVVV (http://vvvv.meso.net/tiki-index.php)...
I use it for my performances since it is so easy to hook up to other computers, midi, controllers and sensors.. but now I want to check if I can do the same (and faster) in openGL.
So next step : get OSC working Grin
I'll try to refrain from asking stupid questions.
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