Specs of Judge's machines

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The "11 years-old" bit was a joke in reference to a panel of kids that were asked to play/review "classic" games that we (well, some of us!) grew up on. For the most part, there wasn't enough eye CANDY to keep them for wanting their 64-bit super computer consoles after a few minutes of play. Anyways, that is off-topic.

>If you need a last minute judge, I candidate myself
I'm waiting on Judge D, and Judge I. Once I have their scores I cna add them to the others and send the evelopes to Freeverse.


Carlos A. Camacho,
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Please let us know when you have the address of the stream where the announcement will be shown. Given enough lead time I can make sure IMG carries that as a news item (unless of course you are already planning to send it out as a press release...)

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What form / what part of macworld is the announcement?
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