Noob Cocoa and Carbon Questions

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AnotherJake, Sealfin, OneSadCookie,

Many thanks for the info!

About fullscreen: under Linux I started in windowed mode and used SDL_WM_ToggleFullScreen() to toggle between windowed and fullscreen modes. SDL_WM_ToggleFullScreen() didn't work for me under OS X, and according to the
documentation it only works on X11. However I have decided that I can do without the toggling, so I now start the graphics in fullscreen mode, and it works. (Yay!)

I didn't know about the fast message dispatch, but I have now found the "Accelerated Objective-C Dispatch" compiler option.

This was a port. For new projects I will try mixing Cocoa with C++. I have more info on Cocoa than on Carbon. I know there is something called Objective-C++...

I moved away from Linux for two reasons - when I started doing real-time stuff I ran into driver problems, and also all my friends have Macs, so I could now send people executables. Thanks for telling me that the fast message dispatch is
only available under 10.4+.
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