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FreakSoftware Wrote:Did I mention there's a HUGE community? There may only be 7 people here with a license, but there's tens of thousands of them at the GarageGames website.
The Torque community is "HUGE" on the Windows side of things, but it still isn't in the "tens of thousands". GG themselves refer to it as "thousands". I would take a wild guess that there might be a couple dozen active on the Mac with maybe a hundred Mac licensees tops. Constructor rekindled my interest a bit in Torque and I built the latest HEAD for 1.4. I get essentially twice the framerate as I did with 1.3 and sound works out of the box on Tiger now. Anyway, if they actually ever release Constructor it'll change the intrinsic value of Torque for Mac users tremendously. Last year I was nearly full negative on Torque. This year is looking better. After Constructor comes out I'd probably get behind Torque a lot more, but not just yet. Latest news is that it'll be at least two more months, and probably more, until it's released. Without Constructor, Mac developers still can't develop .dif files for interior environments very easily (practically not at all without some serious dinkering around and/or Virtual PC). Like was already said, content creation for Torque is still far better served on WinTel. One major positive note I can mention is that the amount of decent documentation seems to have skyrocketed in the last year or so. Not quite so much chaos in the information department. On a minor downside, the Mac system code is still utterly nuts. It's on a todo list somewhere to be completely rewritten though.

Overall, right now I'm neutral on buying advice. It's not going to really bust the bank at a hundred bucks, but don't expect you'll be making games with it right away. Taking on Torque is not for the timid. Then OTOH, writing your own engine ain't real easy either!
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Regarding licensees: GG has said there are were (about a year ago?) 50,000 Torque license holders (not people at the site - sorry for the confusion). I don't know the breakdown as to how many for each platform there are (IIRC they said the wouldn't release it even if they knew it themselves), but the benefit of Torque is that other than the tools, it's xplat. For the vast majority of things, it doesn't matter if 99% of the people are on Windows. For the things that do, well you've got a couple dozen people to help you out. That's more than the number of active people on this forum. Smile

Constructor: Yup.

DIF files: There's a Blender exporter now. I haven't played with it (I can't model at all.)

Buying Advice: Generally I agree. It's not "OMG get it now!" but it isn't "OMG its teh suck." It's ok now and a year from now it should be a good solid choice on OS X.

Now, the Torque Shader Engine is a whoooole other story..... who knows what that'll be like. Currently there isn't even OpenGL support and won't be in 1.0 Smile
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So Torque Game Engine 1.4 was released today... the frame rate is MUCH MUCH BETTER. I remember only getting 40 frames per second on my 1.6 G5 and although this is a Dual 2, I get up to 200+fps and am consistently running at well over 100. That rocks.

I'm having trouble finding a decent set of release notes that's actually readable, though...
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