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This game concept was originaly intended to be a modification on the server side for Counter-Strike. The recent thread concerning the name change of maCS gave me the idea to go ahead and give away the concept. So here for your pleasure is the concept of a game and a name that anyone may use. I give you: Excessive Force.

If you're not familiar with Counter-Strike, then you might get a little lost in this document by the gun names, which I left as a reference point for weapon power.

Excessive Force

Excessive Force is a game based around developing skill to obtain more abilities, and gain an edge in competition. Every kill you make earns you credit towards a promotion. Every promotion gains you more weaponry and access to higher-grade equipment.

Each player gets a Class, a Rank and a basic set of free weaponry. With each kill they make, they work themselves one step closer to the next rank. Each new Rank obtained brings with it better weaponry and an added skill.

There are four classes in the game, each of which allow different weaponry and skills. Also, there are four ranks. Each rank and their benefits are described below:

Peon - Basic weaponry, no skills
Grunt - Upgraded secondary weapon, 1st skill
Warrior - Upgraded primary weapon, 2nd skill
Commander - Choice of primary weapon, 3rd skill. The commander is allowed to pick which primary weapon he spawns with.

The four classes are listed below, along with their skills and weaponry.

Basic Primary: MP/5 Navy
Upgraded Primary: M4A1 Carbine
Basic Secondary: USP Tactical
Upgraded Secondary: Desert Eagle
Adrenaline Boost - Gives 2x speed when walking/running.
Self-Heal - Slowly recover HP up to 50% if falls below 25%.
Extra Damage - Deals 2x damage when bullets/knife hit.

Basic Primary: Scout
Upgraded Primary: AWP (Or Scout + 3x Damage if AWP banned)
Basic Secondary: Glock
Upgraded Secondary: Dualies
3x Knife - Knife does three times normal damage.
Stun - Flashbangs stun target in place for 2 seconds.
Stealth - Footsteps are not heard.

Heavy Gunner
Basic Primary: P-90
Upgraded Primary: 249 Para
Basic Secondary: FiveSeven
Upgraded Secondary: Desert Eagle
Extra Armor - Gives 50 extra armor points at round start.
Extra Health - Gives 50 extra health points at round start.
Extra Weapon - If primary weapon is dropped, default primary is given.

Support Fire Specialist
Basic Primary: Mac-10
Upgraded Primary: UMP 45
Basic Secondary: USP Tactical
Upgraded Secondary: Desert Eagle
Infinite HE Grenades - Every 10 seconds after an HE nade is thrown, another is given.
Infinite Secondary - Every time the secondary is reloaded, another filled clip takes the place of the one just used.
Infinite Primary - Every time the primary is reloaded, another filled
clip takes the place of the one just used.

As a note, the Support Fire Specialist has only 75% health at round start. This is to make up for their absurdly good abilities. They can purchase armor up to 100% if they want.

There are several optional settings which the server admin may change:

Faster Promotion Speed - Instead of making 50, 100, 250 and 500 kills to get a promotion in rank, you only have to make 5,10,15 and 20 kills to promote. This is generally for servers that don't plan to save the experience.
AWP is Banned - If you want the AWP banned from your server, set this to 1 and we'll give the higher level assassins a scout instead of an awp, and multiply by 1.5 the damage it deals.
SaveXP - Set to 0 if you don't want to save XP, and set to 1 if you do want to save.

So if anyone wants to take ownership of this game concept, feel free. It's all yours. I personally believe the dim3 engine is the best for this of the engines I've seen thus far.
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That's interesting. Very interesting. I think someone should give it a go. Ever think of that, willman? Maybe you can turn your game into something like this.
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it is a good concept, im thinking about this


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David Drew
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It was set in the future though...
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David Drew
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There is a mod for quake 3 that is this exact gameplay. Its called Afterwards. Only difference is it is futuristic. The gameplay is solid though and some of the best multiplayer I've played in a long time. If you want to get a good refined feeling for this type of game you should check out this mod. It will give you a good idea on what type of gameplay you should target.
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