Emotions in your games

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OneSadCookie Wrote:read freeman's "creating emotion in games" -- excellent book

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yep that book is on my X-mas wish list, along with "theory of fun"

i've played dungeon master 2 , but it was really hard, i always got really angry at that stupid dwarf that steals all your stuff.(you couldn't even kill the little @$#!$# !)

i haven't ever really encounter a game that has evoked any emotions other than an adrenaline rush. but if i found a nice long game where there were characters i got attatched to then i would definately be compelled to play it more often.

i lied there is a game where i was attached to the characters:
Star Fox Adventures for game cube!
i didn't like Fox too much when he would say stupid things like "i better get paid extra for this!"
But i loved the little triceritops.
then at the end star fox is just like "yeah whatever bye"
and the princess is a total B!&$*#% when Fox finally frees her she is just like "who the %#^% are you?!? give me my staff you idiot"
but yeah, it was good up till the end,
one of the few games i have ever finished, probably because i had fun playing it. i liked the characters and i liked the plot.

(ok, fine so i didn't beat Andross at the very end, but hey, its just the final boss. it was kinda random too. the devs were finishing up the game and then said "hey we didn't include Andross". i didn't really care to struggle through the final boos because i knew what would happen: the boss wouldn't really die he would just go flying into outer space, and then all of Fox's team would cheer, the end)
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re: Star Fox Adventures

I liked this one too - however I somehow got poor Starfox into a situation that triggered a bug in the game. So now whenever I "solve" the next section - the collision detection turns off and I fall through the world. You actually can run around in the skybox with the entire world geometry far above your head for a bit before it freezes completely. I cant seem to get around it so Id have to start the game over. Weird.

Penny Arcade had a great strip about how much crap you are expected to collect in SFA but I cant seem to find it now.
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When I was younger the zelda games would make me light headed and weak at the knees.
(didn't like fighting bosses)

That stopped when I started playing 007 :-P

Global warming is caused by hobos and mooses
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Can you provide me more information on this matter?


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