Need ideas for my team's project

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Thanks for the helpful replies.

The whole game idea has developed nicely since my first post, and thus i can go into more details now. However it's still in flux, and what i say today may be changed to the opposite tomorrow, you have been warned (Yes i am that random too).
Let me restate the goals from above:

1. Network game
2. Cooperative game
3. Trading
4. Sandbox
5. Agressive gameplay

The game will be about wizards, sorry or those who wanted pirates or ninjas. These wizards cast spells against a greater enemy, which is a map eating void. There will be one playing field without any terrain. Wizards can also battle each other. But most of the time they will want to cooperate.

So i pretty much got 1,2 and 5 covered. Now depending on the way you get your spells number 3 can or can't be made. I understand that a vast economy is probably out of reach, but trading spells should be possible, and the more you trade the more you should get back.
The most problematic for me is number 4, the sandbox mode. It just doesn't fit in with the other stuff, and right now I'm thinking that I just might drop it.
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