Desaturating an OpenGL world

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unknown Wrote:What about changing the pallete of the screen?
I remember old games like aperion did that when you got mushrooms, can you still do that?

OpenGL supports palletized graphics, but I don't really know if that's even hardware accellerated these days. I mean, palettized 3d was crappy 10 years ago... why would the vendors support it today?

I say, if you're willing to aim high shaders are a fine and simple approach. With the PBuffer + shader approach, you have the framework in place for a million other effects too, like washing out when looking at a bright light, inverting colors or going red for damage effects. Hell, you could modulate texture lookups by a sin/cos function and get underwatter ripple effects. And so on.
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Sounds cool but just checked, I've only got a GeForce2 MX. Scary huh?
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It's quite easy:
System Preferences -> Universal Access -> Use grayscale
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