The making of THE MMORPG (looking for people with skills)

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skyhawk Wrote:Honestly. Stop this nonsense now before I beat every single one of yall with a 3 foot 4 inch diameter stick.
That "Sage" user title is so appropriate...
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Quote:banishing them to a prison island.(where they can never leave but other players can go there and see them if they want too)

As cool as this sounds, I doubt most people will want to play on that prison island. They'll likely just throw together a new character.

Unless you somehow implemented a method to break out of prison! Certain high level character could gain gold (or some kind of incentive) to guard the prison. Then it would be sort of guards against inmates. etc... Not sure how or if this could even work. Wacko
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I am working on joining in with someone else that is making a MMORPG that is vary close to what I have wanted in a MMORPG.

Not sure about anything as of yet but keeping my fingers crossed and hoping.
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As for the prison island, I agree that you shouldn't be stuck there forever. Some solutions would be that already mentioned "let-out-after-six-months" thing. Or the character could pay a massive bail bond to the island government. They could also be realeased immediatly, and have to join a "chain gang" of sorts, doing jobs for the government, and maybe helping with player quests. And all of their armour/clothes would be dyed bright orange. The jail break idea is great too, but I don't think players should be the guards. Too much room to set up a kind of unfair racket. Also, when prisoners escape, they would still be criminals to the government, but could join like a thieves society, and have access to areas they couldn't before (but not too many, otherwise it would almost be an incentive). Also, if a real jerk is playing who is always being sent to the island, and always creates a new character, you could attach a bit of that to their account and password, so they couldn't escape, say the "watched mistrustingly" level of felony without creating a new account and paying more. Also, if a player has become a low level criminal, without being sent to jail yet, they could pay a fine and clear their record with that government. Though honestly, anykind of jail system would work better than what most games have now, which is next to nothing. Wacko

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If I were you, I'd do it in 2D, First Star Online style.

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